So… here we are. The beginning of my blog and documentation of my works. The idea is that over the next 10+ years I will share with you all the development of my art, and promote discussion around it and the way we create. I also want to share with you all as much helpful information about how to create art/animation/moving image and ideas that might help you as well as me with creating something meaningful.

I’ll begin with a little of my history. My name is Permian, I’m a fledgling artist living and working in Melbourne, Australia. I have been making animations/videos for about 3-4 years now. They started out really really badly, like if you taped a video camera to an angry badger bad, but they are starting to get better and better. I guess the more you create the better you become so I try and make as much art as I can.

It all started back when I was 16 and a film junkie. I was surfing the net one day and saw a trailer for this solo animator’s feature on youtube.

Its style and content struck a nerve and hit me hard so I looked around and found that the creator’s name was M Dot Strange, and that he had a massive blog which talked about his work. As I read I found he was saying things that I had been thinking for some time now. That the ‘hollywood’ and ‘studio’ systems produce enormous amounts of crap, that they are no longer true to the audience and that they lied and exploited their audience through bullshit marketing and hype. M Dots way of combating this amazed me so I decided to say ‘fuck you’ to ‘film school’ and the studio system all together, become a solo animator too and make great work whatever the cost.

I began animating and completely fell in love with the art form. I also began delving into other art, especially the newer digital arts which were using technology to make their concepts reality and was amazed by what these people were doing.

So here I am. A full 3 years later, talking to you. I’ve got a hell of a long way to go, but it’ll be a fun journey. So please sign up, keep checking out this blog, hit me with an email or a message if you have any questions, just want to say ‘sup’ or show me and talk about your own work.

And remember… KEEP CREATING!

– PERMIAN >___<