Last Saturday, I had some of my work screen publicly for the first time at ‘The Croft Institute’. It was a great night with a good turnout, some amazing art(whoever was using old N.A.S.A footage your work was mind-blowing, kudos) and ballsy musac! A big thanks to Rob Graham for organising the entire night and giving me the opportunity to chuck some work out there.

Sorry for the dodgy footage I took of the night. I had to shoot it on my old beat up phone because earlier in the night my video camera got stolen. I guess that’s what you get for being a dickhead and getting all mashed up in some dodgy basement bar on Elizabeth St. I was just lucky I only had my crap Sony cam with me and not my Canon. It still makes me rage though. It was the first camera I ever bought when I was 15 and working at some crap department store to save up. Oh well… you live you learn.

Getting my work displayed publicly was eye opening to say the least. First of all it wasn’t like my work was being screened in some quiet room with people analysing it. It was essentially complementary to the music, but that’s ok. However, because the screening was like this some pieces worked and others did not. ‘Cogs’ and ‘Look into the eye!’ worked really well, but ‘Jiri’ did not seem to work in that environment at all.
I think that this was because it was heavily created around narrative, whereas although ‘Cogs’ was essentially narrative, it was more arbitrary. If I’m displaying at future events like this, I will either not screen any narrative work or do some serious re-editing to suit the purpose.

One of the major things I did notice about displaying my work in public was that a lot of the audience did not give a f*#k, which was expected. However it’s late and I need sleeeeep so i’ll make another post in a few days about the all important topic… ‘REJECTION!’

There will probably be more opportunities for some of you p33ps to get your work at the ‘Croft’ as it turns out they have the capability of projecting video into a Melbourne alleyway which should be a blast, so I’ll keep you posted if I hear anything.

Oh and James, if you’re reading this your USB stick was in my bag when it got stolen, :< i'll buy you a new one as soon as I can.