Yesterday I finally went and bought a Mac. As I sit here typing this on the shiny aluminium keyboard I can’t help but wonder…”Do I really need this?”

As an artist/filmmaker primarily interested in moving image, technology is my bread and butter. Using a computer IS necessary for me to create what I have in my mind, to explore all creative options and it’s substantially cheaper than any analogue approach using film etc.

I ended up buying a MacBook pro 13″, the lowest model I could get that still had a firewire port. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s a great machine and I’m sure it’ll run well; however is it the wisest use of my $? I estimate that compared to the pc alternative about 1/3 to 1/4 of the total price is just paying for the shiny design and luminous goddamn logo. Steve Jobs is probably rubbing my money all over his greasy chest right now. That extra 1/3 could have maybe paid rent for a month or fixed my dslr camera.

So why did I get a Mac and not a PC I hear you ask? Well for a few reasons. Let’s not get into the “mac is better than pc hurrpdurrrp” bullshit. I needed a laptop so I can begin to vj and mix videos live which is something I’ve been looking to get into for a while now. Both PCs and Macs are completely suitable for this. The biggest reason I decided to go Mac is so I can edit with Final Cut Pro in my bedroom studio. I’ve been editing with Adobe Premier Pro on a PC for a while now and it’s a great program, however I’ve been having serious issues with audio glitches and also Adobe Media Encoder has been playing up on me for a few years now, which is integral to exporting finished data from Premiere Pro. There are no massive differences between Premiere and Final Cut I have seen so far except for stability. So for this reason alone I have payed extra than I should have for a Mac.

So why do most digital artists use Macs? This has always struck me as peculiar as artists tend to be a fairly poor bunch. Perhaps many artists also pay for extra stability within their system at the cost of flexibility and customizability. Maybe some artists working with technology are just ‘techtarded’. If this is the case you can just GTFO right now you FUCKING POSER! If you can’t be assed to do a little bit of research, find out and experiment for yourself, you should just go play with paints or some shit. *cough cough* Sorry about that. People who use the tired excuse of “it’s too new” or “too difficult” piss me off! I know that ‘artist’ is such a loose term these days(thanks post-modernism) but back in the early 20th century being a progressive artist meant also being interested and reading up on scientific/medical/philosophical and technological findings. I hope that many of you other artists out there are still holding true to that.

Being an artist who is earning little to no money off his work yet, and may never, I have to accept the fact that I need to produce great work from equipment that is not and will never be ‘top of the line’. Don’t think you need to get ‘the best’ to begin creating awesome work. Take away a great painter’s expensive paints and he will improvise and continue to create amazing work. The same goes for digital artists. Even if you’re sitting there right now reading this on your old windows ’98 beige box, you can and should still strive to create great work.

PERMIAN /______\