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Any of you melbourne p33ps should come to the next ‘This Is Not A Film Festival‘. Acording to the event founder Ben Andrews(not the gay pornstar), TINAFF is “a night of independent short films, made by independent film makers, held at one of melbourne’s favourite venues: 1000 £ bend. no competition. just short films.”

TINAFF #1 was pretty freaking ballz to the wall. with some great work like…

There were also a few pretty sweet animations including my ‘Cogs’. So if you’ve got a short film just sitting there send it in and come to #2 next month.

ps. Don’t drink too much booze before the films start because you’ll end up feeling like you’re pregnant with a urine baby towards the end…

Ten Years Under The Earth

An animated adaptation of Norbert Casteret’s novel of the same name.

I had never worked with dirt, soil and more organic materials within an animation before. It was pretty challenging and I like the outcome but i’m not sure if i’ll do too much work with these styles again.

The alternate form of storytelling(block of text + abstracted images) does interest me greatly though, so maybe in the future i’ll experiment with something similar.

N.A.S.A’s ‘A Volta by ‘LOGAN’


Both of these works are fucking ballz to the wallz insane, Highlighting the freedom of expression possible for one dude in his bedroom creating media. It’s works like these that make me want to work more with 3D cgi as opposed to easier more ‘artsy’ mediums.

also check out the sweet experimental animations over at the Sundance Channel’s ‘Animation Bizarro 2“. Great stuff.