I always recommend people consider the use of technology when creating, because I believe that if you put a limit on the techniques you are willing to use(ie.”it looks too difficult baww!”), you put a limit on what you may be able to achieve.

This is of course not an absolute; people can create amazing MIND BLOWING works with just a pen and some paper or some junk they found out of a dumpster. However if you never reach beyond that pen and paper, there are a lot of creative options you will miss out on.

Today though, I’m going to talk about the opposite. Sometime in your career as an animator/director/worlddestroyer, there will be times where you need to drop a technique or piece from your work you had your heart set on so the over all work can be improved. EVEN IF THAT TECHNIQUE OR STYLE IS WHY YOU STARTED CREATING THAT WORK IN THE FIRST PLACE… arggghhhh!

I have run into this with an animation I’m creating at the moment. The animation is an adaptation of ‘the greek apocalypse of Baruch’ which is pretty much god being a major douche and turning people into half dog/lamb/stag MUTANTS! However it wasn’t going to be a regular animation; I was going to projection map selected elements onto foam core board extrusions I had made which is pretty much the first goal I had set out for this project. After several test runs and much deliberation I have decided to scrap the projection mapping and just trigger it live onto a regular screen because in the end I have realised it would be a much better work that way. When this happens it is very very difficult to let go of, but you MUST for the sake of your great creation.

At the beginning of your project’s life, you’ll tend to start off with a few ideas to build upon and create. Sometimes you’ll find that as other ideas build around those central ideas, the work is better off without some of those founding ideas. I’m not saying that “you should be lazy and if you have trouble with ideas or techniques drop them” because if you do that you’re WEAK and you’ll never become stronger. Just be aware that perhaps not every element throughout a projects creation should end up in the final creation… if you want your final creation to be the best it can be.


Well, I’m off to bury my face back into After Effects for another 10 hours… 😀>>>PERMIAN