I’ve just finished reading the hefty tome ‘Re-Imagining Animation – the Changing Face of Moving Image’ by Paul Wells and Johnny Hardstaff; and I completely recommend it. It is a look into contemporary animated film as an art form, continuing to change through the digital revolution.

If you are into animation of any form read this book!

The book features studies on works by animators such as:

Joost Rekveld

Steve Reinke

Don Hertzfeldt

Mika Tyyska

Brian Evans


Anouk de Clerq

Pierre Herbert

Joanna Priestley

Eric Dyer

Peter Tscherkassky and plenty of others.


It has writing on different styles and techniques, as well as concepts and ways the art form is moving to new directions and outcomes. So if you work with stop-mo, 3D CGI, cell, 2D, glitch, projection mapping, abstract, figurative, musically orientated, remix, performance based, rotoscoping, zoetroping, flash, combinations and undefinable styles it will be a useful read to you.

I stumbled across it as a misprint(has some weird printing on the back of some pages) in a book store for $20. And i saw it in ACMI(austalian centre for moving image) for $70, so i would avoid museums and boutique stores as they are complete ripoffs. Your best bet to get this book is on amazon for about $36.

This is by far the best book I have read on advanced animation. And as an animator myself it has given me insight into an art form I am quite familiar with.

Check it out.