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The Travail – new work is up

Here it is. I’m pretty happy with the output. The loops within it aren’t perfect as i should have done more calculations as to the timing of each stop-mo clip withing the composition.

As i said as the vimeo comment, I think this will be the last time i’ll use dirt as a stop-motion material, at least for a while. I love the look of it but it is hell to work with and control. Still don’t let me discourage any of you out there brave enough to experiment with it… dirt is awesome XD

I haven’t had time to go into Horse Bazaar and put it up yet, so i’ll go in next monday for a jam after my first uni night class of the year ‘electronics for artists’… I’m so pumped to bend some circuits!

Seeing as my video camera got stolen last year i’ll have to borrow a phone to take the video of the projection… so the quality won’t be great but at least it will be a record of where it went.

I’ve also been thinking lately of upgrading to Vimeo Plus because it’s only $60 a year and the benefits look schweeeet. So depending on my bank account tonight, i’ll upload some older stuff to juicy vimeo quality.


I hope you guys liked the piece. Pretty soon I’ll start to throw up and document the creating of a new narrative animation i’ve been thinking about, so you can see my process in full.


The Greek Apocalypse of Baruch

An animated adaptation of ‘the Greek Apocalypse of Baruch’ or ‘3 Baruch’, a version of the story of the Tower of Babel. Very heavily influenced by Nick Cave’s ‘And the Ass Saw the Angel’.

This animation was originaly designed to be triggered on 3 layers in VDMX 5 for live performance, hence the very segregated edits and compositions.

Not the best animation i’ve ever made, the content and execution leave a lot to be desired. It was an interesting experiment, however with all experiments the possibility of the project bombing is always there. Even with an experiment failing it will still teach you a whole lot. I don’t think this project bombed, yet it didn’t really succeed either. Oh well, back to the drawing boards. 😀



The 2High Arts Festival is finally upon us. Today and tomorrow the 12th and 13th of november, the 2High Arts Festival will be showcasing yound and emerging artists, musicians and performers at the Brisbane Powerhouse. To be truthful i’d never even heard of this festival before this year as it’s the first year 2High has showcase interstate. But from looking at their line up it’s looking to be a pretty freaking sweet festival so get your ass down there and check it out.

They also gave me this pretty sweet writeup. Big thanks to the folks at 2High.


A series of short animations projected into a toilet. This project examines the space of the toilet and it’s function as we continue to flush our faeces away with at least 6 litres of clean drinking water everyday while less fortunate die of dehydration and of complications due to an unavailability of clean drinking water.

I’m not saying ‘don’t flush your toilets’, and i don’t have the answers, I just wish to highlight this colossal divide between the rich and the dying.

This project is shelved as i am not completely satisfied with the overall quality. I will complete it as soon as i have access to a toilet with enough space around it to set up properly.

Projection Mapping + Stop-motion Test

This was a test to experiment with the possibilities of lighting a stop-motion animation scene with a single projector.

Over all it worked really well and the possibilities for this technique are endless.

I used VDMX 5, a live VJ program to projection map the lighting. To do this I used a ‘quad warp’ quartz composer patch from ‘memo’ to resize the different video channels.

I then moved the video files along 1 or 2 frames each time I moved the oil pump. This enabled video and other digital sources to be mixed with stop-motion animation outside of a post-production setup.

It’s a pretty rough test(camera shake etc.) but the possibilities are amazing. Perhaps having characters in the projection interacting with stop-motion characters. Using the projections for atmospheres and backgrounds, or just using the projection for lights and shadows much like an easily controlled ‘gobo’

If you reading this and wish to try this technique on you own projects read on.

You’ll first need a projector. I borrowed a crappy NEC with 2100 lumens and hooked it up to my macbook pro.

For software I used VDMX 5 which costs $300, HOWEVER, the good folks at vidvox have released VDMX 5 as a trial version that is exactly the same and as powerful as when you buy it. The only feature missing is the save preset function which means you’ll have to set up all your windows everytime you open it but this is not a big deal unless you’re using it for VJ work, or need everything set up for a performance as soon as you open the program.

Once you’ve gotten VDMX 5, you’ll need to download a Quartz Composer patch. A patch in this case is essentially an effect you can download and place on your video channels in VDMX.  It’s all explained pretty well here. Download the ‘quad warp’ and ‘quad mask’ QC patches from Memo. Once downloaded you will need to cut and paste them into your ‘qcfx’ folder. Now they’ll show up in your fx manager in vdmx, and you just have to apply them to layers.

Once applyed to your layers it’s as simple as moving the four corner points of your video layers until you’re satisfied. If you have overlapping video i would suggest using the ‘quad point mask’ to crop off overlapping video.

Finally, I assigned the move forward button(not play) on each layer to my asdfghj keys respectively, then slid the move forward bar to 1 or 2 frames. After it is all set up in only requires you to press asdfghj, adjust stop-mo pieces and shoot the frames with a camera.

For anyone wishing to do something similiar on a Windows setup, there are several programs for you. The free program Video Projection Tools works on both Windows and Mac.

Modul8 although another Mac program, also has this ability if you need more control.

I hope this helped any of you out there.

If any of you have any questions or need any help, feel free to contact me.

-PERMIAN 0___0

Sacrifice at the Shrine of Bacchus

Just a little animation I did out of boredom.

Ten Years Under The Earth

An animated adaptation of Norbert Casteret’s novel of the same name.

I had never worked with dirt, soil and more organic materials within an animation before. It was pretty challenging and I like the outcome but i’m not sure if i’ll do too much work with these styles again.

The alternate form of storytelling(block of text + abstracted images) does interest me greatly though, so maybe in the future i’ll experiment with something similar.


A lone slug Jiri crawls through the landscape. He re-discovers an old enemy in a cave and must deal with the consequences of the past and the future.

Sugar Cubes

A psychotic 3D animation, experimenting with luminosity, wireframes and motion paths. ‘Sugar Cubes’ was created as an amalgamation between the abstract animations of 20th century artists such as Oskar Fischinger, and the impact of modern digitalism resulting in a purely synthetic piece with undertones of traditional abstraction.

I find this project interesting because all my other 3D animations to date have been primarily narrative based, this means that i have essentially been simulating environments and characters with the graphics. It was fun in this project to just concentrate on making the viewer ‘feel’ without actually having to construct a world.


As a figure ascends in a lift, his voyeurism leads him to observe some very incendiary aspects of popular culture.

A collage animation created with cut-outs and printout of various images. The flames were created by setting fire to green sheets of cardboard then keying them + several masks.