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Here’s some interesting work from Robert Seidel for those  interested in abstraction.

“_grau is a personal reflection on memories coming up during a car accident, where past events emerge, fuse, erode and finally vanish ethereally … various real sources where distorted, filtered and fitted into a sculptural structure to create not a plain abstract, but a very private snapshot of a whole life within its last seconds …”



No More Excuses!

I won’t lie. I have been slack last year. Although i’ve created and done more in 2010 than in all the years before that; i still haven’t come close to pushing myself hard enough. For every hour i worked at my art, i spent at least an hour playing. Why was i being so slack? Many reasons.

1. I was judging myself by those around me. At my video, animation and art classes, the vast majority of my fellow students are really quite lazy, and i think you’ll find this throughout a lot of the arts in academia. There are a lot of hangers on, wannabe critics who are to lazy or scared to practice what they rip on, and people making excuses for themselves. Although it wasn’t fully conscious, as long as my work and the effort i was putting into it was up there with the 15-10% of people who actually had REAL passion for it, i was happy. This is a big mistake, especially at this point in my life as a creator. I don’t want to compete with lazy people in this city or even in this country, i want to compete with the masters GLOBALLY! Some people take the act of creating as a hobby and that’s ok, but i’m not one of those people. For me the act of creating art, film, music is everything. I’m sure psychologists would have something to say to me about that being an issue but fuck them, the people whose work i admire didn’t get to where they are by ‘chilling out’ and having a great social life. Also, when i admire someone who’s work really influences me, i don’t just want to meet them and shake their hand or whatever, i want to fight them. This may sound weird but hear me out. Although I would consider a director such as ‘M Dot Strange’ for example, an inspiration, a mentor and even a friend; i also consider him my enemy. I want to battle him through our artworks on the world stage. Even though i respect him and his work, he’s one of my targets to beat. It’s a battle with no winners.

2. FEAR. What can i say, fear does get to me sometimes. Fear that i’ll never get anywhere with what i’m doing. Fear that my ideas will never be great. And most of all, the fear that can to get me the most is the simple fear that the piece of work i’m about to start on, will turn out crap. When this happens and you only have the deadline you set yourself, you start to procrastinate and put off working on it; which is totally illogical when you think about it but it’s how your brain reacts. However when you do actually start to work on the project the fear recedes and ideas, energy and creativity start to pour from you. So the lesson here(although it’s easier to say than do, is even if  you feel fear at the start of a project or gig; ignore it and begin as fast as you can.

3. The nagging feeling that i should be out partying and having a great social life. It’s really a case of ‘the grass is always greener on the other side’.  When i’m out partying, drinking and taking drugs or whatever, i get bored and start to feel i’m wasting my time and want to get back to work. After you’ve done it enough you start to realize every bar, party and event is the same, and full of the same types of people. Don’t get me wrong, i like hanging out with my friends but most of the time i’d rather be working on a story or doing some art etc. I fully realized this last friday when i went with a friend to a chiptune event and we got talking about this kind of thing. He is also passionate about his art like me, but when i asked him if he had that nagging sensation, he said he didn’t which really made me think about it. My case probably isn’t helped by things such as facebook, where i read about a bunch of people going out and doing AWESOMEXXXCORE things. Over the years when i became one of those people, i started to realise that it’s all bullshit, . Facebook will always exaggerate peoples lives, almost to the point where being someone and being the perception of someone through facebook become distinctly different.

I’ve decided to choose the path of a creator, and it’s a life i absolutely love. There are many sacrifices that must be made though, and a healthy social life is one of them. I know now that i’m ready to do this.

So it’s a new year and i’m a new(ish) man. I’m getting up at 9am every morning and start work no matter how late i’m up the night before. I get an hour in the morning for shower, food, feed cats and to wake up. An hour at lunch and dinner for meals and breaks. An the rest is work all day every day until 11pm, when i can chill out and watch some interesting movies, anime etc. and probably fall asleep from exhaustion.

Although i will not really be able to keep to this EVERY day as i have to go to classes, gather food, go for a run and pump some weights occasionally; but i will try to adhere to it as much as possible.



I generally don’t like talk about my depression etc. as half of the first world is eating up meds like no tomorrow so it’s nothing new and generally not particularly intersting to anyone else. No-one wants to hear emo rants. However if you came here to read about my art, animation or film this is part of it so read on.

This week has been interesting to say the least. I’m just coming off the anti-deppression meds i’ve been on for 3.5 years and i think i’ve just gotten over the withdrawal hump. It’s been hard to work as i’ve been sitting in a chair drooling on myself and trying to get myself to raise my arms to the keyboard. I’m feeling very odd to say the least but i’m feeling GOOD and the brain fog is finally starting to clear.

Why was i on meds i hear you ask? Well for a combination of reasons. Genetic disposition to the black dog being a main one i suspect. Also back in my teen years I used to live in a small town in the country. All in all my life should have been great but i felt like shit. I felt trapped and i wasn’t dealing with it very well. I guess it’s where my art began. As you probably know, creating things gives meaning to my life. Some peeps have got religion(which i’ve never cared much for), some peeps like my brother have gardening and growing plants; i’ve got animation, creating worlds and stories.

The meds were pretty good to begin with, I felt (kind of) better, got on with my life, partied, drank, finished high school and worked a job so i could afford to go to art school. But now i’m here i have found the medication holding me back in several areas.

The first being that my interests started to become more bland. I used to watch hundreds and hundreds of hours of insanely interesting footage, exploring content and researching new things to watch, read, listen to and look at. I’d say that was because my feelings and emotions were being held back a fair bit. You know that feeling you get in a dark room by yourself, watching a new great cult film you’ve dug out of some crevice on the net, from the bottom of your guts you are on fire because the film is making you FEEL? Well this stopped happening very often. You need to FEEL to create great work. And now my technical skills are improving I have to improve in other areas also. In 20 years from now I want some kid sitting in a dark room watching my stuff have his guts burn with passion and feeling.

I found social interaction, talking to girls and normal people a lot easier on meds. Actually a lot of things are easier on meds, but it’ll only postpone the shit that’s going on deep down in your mind. And you’ll have to deal with it sooner or later. If problems rise to the surface i’ll deal with it through art and perhaps some intense belly gazing. So it will be interesting to see how my animations and art evolve over the next year, if there will be massive positive or negative changes or if it won’t change drastically at all.


Anyway enough of the rant. I’ll have the newest animation for you TOMORROW i promise, even if i have to work allll night.




ps. here’s some QOTSA woo desert stoner metal!



















The 2High Arts Festival is finally upon us. Today and tomorrow the 12th and 13th of november, the 2High Arts Festival will be showcasing yound and emerging artists, musicians and performers at the Brisbane Powerhouse. To be truthful i’d never even heard of this festival before this year as it’s the first year 2High has showcase interstate. But from looking at their line up it’s looking to be a pretty freaking sweet festival so get your ass down there and check it out.

They also gave me this pretty sweet writeup. Big thanks to the folks at 2High.


Digital Fringe

Hey All,

Here in Melbourne the fringe festival is in full swing. As part of the Melbourne fringe, ‘Digital Fringe‘ is accepting works of  media art, photography, film, sound… any new media art. Your work could be playing on screens all over the world from Australia to Europe(they even scored a screen in egypt) So get you entries in even if you’re a filmmaker/media artist anywhere in the world(upload on the Digital Fringe website) because they will be closing soon.

I managed to get in 5 of my short animations, all of which are rocking it on the website video player. So check it out…



While i’m here i might as well post a few badass tracks i’ve been listening to lately from ‘Prefuse 73’ and ‘Daedelus’…

Enjoy  😀


Ten Years Under The Earth

An animated adaptation of Norbert Casteret’s novel of the same name.

I had never worked with dirt, soil and more organic materials within an animation before. It was pretty challenging and I like the outcome but i’m not sure if i’ll do too much work with these styles again.

The alternate form of storytelling(block of text + abstracted images) does interest me greatly though, so maybe in the future i’ll experiment with something similar.

N.A.S.A’s ‘A Volta by ‘LOGAN’


Both of these works are fucking ballz to the wallz insane, Highlighting the freedom of expression possible for one dude in his bedroom creating media. It’s works like these that make me want to work more with 3D cgi as opposed to easier more ‘artsy’ mediums.

also check out the sweet experimental animations over at the Sundance Channel’s ‘Animation Bizarro 2“. Great stuff.

Greetings comrade!

I’m sorry I haven’t been writing much, I have been busy working on a few shorts and art pieces that I’ll be throwing out to you all very soon.

I have recently been re-watching an art documentary series called ‘not quite art’. It examines ideas surrounding contemporary art practice and distribution, mainly in Australia but also around the globe.

I recommend checking it out if you’re an artist/filmmaker/musician/writer. Also, check it out if you’re one of those art groupies who just enjoys checking out creative works.

The entire series is available for free download here.

That is all for now my esteemed compatriots.

Keep creating,

Permian ^^

I’ve been working for a little while on some 3D CGI scenes for a collaborative animation with my friend ‘Mad SKillz James‘. The short(like really short) animation is going to take place inside a cinema. We’ve decided to use 3D for the set but mix it up a bit with digitally cell drawn characters(using photoshop and AE etc). I’ve never actually been taught any CGI but always thought that I would need to eventually get some training.

Lately I’m beginning to see realise is not true. If you needed to create generic boring graphics for the $, like in a CGI studio environment you will likely need training so you fit the mold and can create generic boring graphics like everyone else. If you’re using computer graphics for purely creative reasons there seems to be no point. By teaching yourself from the hundreds of thousands of tutorials online you will end up with your own distinct style which is preferable anyway. Of course this is applicable to any creative skill. Although my CGI skillz are still far from advanced I’ve made massive advances in my technique, skill and style in a relatively short time. The best way to do this is to learn while creating something and it won’t feel like a lesson, it will feel more like problem solving. You will eventually be running around yelling “ZOMG LOOK AT THIS BIT OF CG CLOTH I MADE FLAP… LOOK!” and they won’t care, but that’s ok because it feels GOOD that YOU learnt it and figured it out by yourself. The more demanding goals you set yourself the more you will learn.

Just starting out in 3D CGI and/or want to start teaching yourself? Make a short animation entirely in computer graphics. “But wtf pErm! I don’t know shit about CGI”. Just take it one step at a time. If you want to make a cube but don’t know how, type into a search engine ‘how to create cube’ and the name of the program you want to use. Between this learning technique and just fiddling around with parameters/buttons you can learn anything.

In conclusion, don’t be a bitch, be bitchin’ 😀

– Permian * *

This is the trailer for a great remix video by Sydney vid art duo Soda Jerk. Piracy ftw!