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The Travail – new work is up

Here it is. I’m pretty happy with the output. The loops within it aren’t perfect as i should have done more calculations as to the timing of each stop-mo clip withing the composition.

As i said as the vimeo comment, I think this will be the last time i’ll use dirt as a stop-motion material, at least for a while. I love the look of it but it is hell to work with and control. Still don’t let me discourage any of you out there brave enough to experiment with it… dirt is awesome XD

I haven’t had time to go into Horse Bazaar and put it up yet, so i’ll go in next monday for a jam after my first uni night class of the year ‘electronics for artists’… I’m so pumped to bend some circuits!

Seeing as my video camera got stolen last year i’ll have to borrow a phone to take the video of the projection… so the quality won’t be great but at least it will be a record of where it went.

I’ve also been thinking lately of upgrading to Vimeo Plus because it’s only $60 a year and the benefits look schweeeet. So depending on my bank account tonight, i’ll upload some older stuff to juicy vimeo quality.


I hope you guys liked the piece. Pretty soon I’ll start to throw up and document the creating of a new narrative animation i’ve been thinking about, so you can see my process in full.


So i’ve finally gotten around to creating the Horse Bazaar Panorama i’ve talked about doing. It pretty much involves a man pulling levers in a spherical space. All around this space there will be stop-motion dirt orbiting. When i went out collecting different hues and textures of dirt yesterday i was getting some pretty weird looks. I guess if i was playing with my kid in the sandpit at a park and some disheveled dude comes in and starts collecting sand in containers; i’d be pretty wtf’d out too haha.

The project has started out pretty promising, however the levers will be the biggest gamble. The sphere the man is in will be CG but the man is hand drawn and rigged in After Effects. So the levers might be better off being drawn in because i’m not too sure about the paper interacting with 3d. The other option i might take is to create the levers in Cinema 4D but render them out to flat .tiffs and animate them in 2D space directly from After Effects.

Here’s the character. I’m not sure if i’ll end up making his head float or not. I’ve left him completely white, so he will be coloured more by the lights i’ll put in in compositing.

Here’s the early stages of the man’s sphere. Still need more modelling, texturing, lighting but you can start to see what it’ll look like.

I’m also thinking of creating a tutorial on how it’s done for you peeps out there. I’ll finish it, then spend a day back tracking and i’ll teach you guys one way to rig 2.5d puppets in AE, and some compositing 101. If there’s anything you’d people out there would like to see in the tutorial, flick me a comment or email.

I’d better get back to modelling over 9000 pipes.


I’ve been out of contact the last 2 weeks as i’ve been moving to a new apartment with a new studio and i’ve just gotten the internet online. WOO!

Here are some pics.

Still got a way to go as you can see, and a lot more dumpster looting to find good wood and other things i need for the animation stage/ workbenches i need to set up.

The studio is only a 10min train ride with only 3 stops  to the inner city of Melbourne. Which will be useful as I’ve gotten PERMission from the owners to jam some video and animation once a week at Horse Bazaar.  AWRIGHT!  And check out the view from the kitchen window.


I’m leaving for Sydney in the morning for a few days over Christmas, but i’ll be going batshit insane with work when i get back so there’ll be plenty of new things to show you all soon. ><

Hope you all have a swell Christmas.



Unlucky to any of you dudes out there who missed it. Last Thursday was a great night of digital audio visual art at the Horse Bazaar. The night started with Mira Calix’s collaboration with Flat-e and the London Streetwise Opera, ‘My Secret Heart’.
Although this video loop is meant to be viewed on a custom circular display, Horse Bazaar’s panoramic projection system worked well with it.

Digital media artist and member of Flat-e, Robin McNicholas who has worked with the like of ‘Aphex Twin’ was also there for a two hour vj set. The set was absolutely amazing and was the best live video performance I have seen to date.

There are a lot of artists out there that don’t hit my buttons and that’s ok, but seeing a guy like Robin so dedicated and great at creating amazing art really inspired me. It’s the kind of experience you hope for every time you go to an exhibition, performance or even press play on youtube. I guess it’s also one of the many reasons why we create; to inspire and reach others in ways that living as a normal person you can not. As my girlfriend pointed out to me after I had a quick chat to Robin, VJs and moving image creators always seem to be really nice and eager to talk to you about their and your work. So if you ever get the chance, pick their brains for all it’s worth and learn some free lessons you can apply to your own work and life in general. I was also informed by my girlfriend that there were two asian girls asleep in the female bathroom… wtf indeed.

If any of you Melbourne art peeps haven’t been yet, head down to the NGV and check out Bill Viola’s ‘Ocean Without A Shore’ installation. It’s pretty powerful stuff an well worth the trip.

On another note… i just bought a Korg nanokontroller, so i can begin twiddling nobs and practising my VJing skillz 😀