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Here’s an interesting summary of Neil Postman’s ‘Technopoly’.

Interesting ideas for people interested in technology influenced arts.


Hey dudes,

I stumbled across these videos through another project CDM(a great site for VJs updated frequently) had on Eclectic Method from the UK.

These tutorials from Eclectic Method are really great for learning how to remix video that is linked to the overall beat or music, something that i haven’t really experimented with so far but now wish to.



This is the trailer for a great remix video by Sydney vid art duo Soda Jerk. Piracy ftw!

Unlucky to any of you dudes out there who missed it. Last Thursday was a great night of digital audio visual art at the Horse Bazaar. The night started with Mira Calix’s collaboration with Flat-e and the London Streetwise Opera, ‘My Secret Heart’.
Although this video loop is meant to be viewed on a custom circular display, Horse Bazaar’s panoramic projection system worked well with it.

Digital media artist and member of Flat-e, Robin McNicholas who has worked with the like of ‘Aphex Twin’ was also there for a two hour vj set. The set was absolutely amazing and was the best live video performance I have seen to date.

There are a lot of artists out there that don’t hit my buttons and that’s ok, but seeing a guy like Robin so dedicated and great at creating amazing art really inspired me. It’s the kind of experience you hope for every time you go to an exhibition, performance or even press play on youtube. I guess it’s also one of the many reasons why we create; to inspire and reach others in ways that living as a normal person you can not. As my girlfriend pointed out to me after I had a quick chat to Robin, VJs and moving image creators always seem to be really nice and eager to talk to you about their and your work. So if you ever get the chance, pick their brains for all it’s worth and learn some free lessons you can apply to your own work and life in general. I was also informed by my girlfriend that there were two asian girls asleep in the female bathroom… wtf indeed.

If any of you Melbourne art peeps haven’t been yet, head down to the NGV and check out Bill Viola’s ‘Ocean Without A Shore’ installation. It’s pretty powerful stuff an well worth the trip.

On another note… i just bought a Korg nanokontroller, so i can begin twiddling nobs and practising my VJing skillz 😀